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Transparent Sheet & Art Effects > Services & Maintenance

Solyx Solid Surface is with every step of the client when it comes to fulfilling their imagination. Our services are seamless; we are available to you anytime once you choose to rely on our products.

  • Our expert team is trained to fit, fabricate and polish Solyx Solid Surface products, to provide that seamless fitting splendor to the interiors
  • We also facilitate our clients with free maintenance and technical services for a period of 2 years
  • Our fabricating team is available at your service to rejuvenate your Solyx Solid Surface from the wear and tear, that occurs with regular use, to provide it timeless beauty

Solyx Solid Surface products require minimum care and maintenance that can be carried out without expert guidance. The underlying qualities of Solyx Solid Surface material assure you easy care and renewability. Its non-porous, solid composition makes it easy to live and work with for many years.

Routine Care

Routine daily care and maintenance of Solyx Solid Surface products is easy. Due to its non-porous nature, regular cleaning with wet cloth is not hazardous for its composition. The following procedures are a few guides to everyday care for Solyx Solid Surface products :

  • Soapy water and ammonia based cleaners will remove most dirt and stains from all types of finishes
  • If there are difficult stains, slightly different techniques need to be employed
Preventing Heat and Other Damages

Repeated chemical cures and fire retardant techniques have rendered Solyx resistance to heat. Although care must be taken in daily use to ensure that, it lasts long.

One should always use a hot pad or a trivet with rubber to protect Solyx from heat. Heat generating kitchen appliances are likely to damage the Solyx Surface. Thus, it is advised to use hot pads or rubber trivets.

In most cases, Solyx Solid Surface products can be repaired if damaged accidentally. However, to prevent any permanent damage to Solyx, be sure to follow the understated guidelines :

  • Solyx Solid Surface materials must not be exposed to strong chemicals like paint removers, over cleaners, etc. In case any such contacts occur, quickly flush the area with water.
  • To maintain the appearance to its best and to minimize the care efforts, make sure not to cut directly
Removing Stains and Fixing Scratches or Burns

The non-porous nature of Solyx Solid Surface material enables it to resist any kind of stains. Any stain on the surface with minor damage, including scratches, stains from scorches or burns, can be repaired with a light abrasive cleanser.�

For heavier damage, light sanding may be necessary. The following steps should be followed to remove and fix stains, scratches, or burns :

  • Minor damage can be repaired with abrasive cleaners
  • Heavier damage can be repaired with 400 grit wet/ dry sand paper. To minimize dust, wetting the surface before starting is advisable
  • Remove nail polish stains with non-acetone based polish remover and then flush with water
  • Spray or soapy water can be used to remoisten the dried stain, after which the stain can be wiped off
  • A bleach solution can also be used on the surface when needed
Renewing Solyx

Damages are temporary on Solyx Solid Surface products. Stains, cuts, scratches- while they can be permanent on most other surfaces, they do not compromise the appearance of Solyx Solid Surface. That is because it is easy to restore Solyx to its original state using an ordinary abrasive cleaner.

Solyx can be repaired on site, saving both downtime and aggravation. It is recommended that periodically you can go over the entire surface with a mild abrasive cleanser with a cleansing pad.

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