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Solid Surface & Sheet > Overview

If you are planning to re-design your interiors, stop and ponder over the following questions

  • Do you hide the scratches on your glass and marble dining table with a tablecloth?
  • Are you tired of regularly scrubbing the stains on kitchen counters?
  • Is the extra care and polishing of your wooden furniture adding to your expenses?

Now think, will refurnishing or re-designing solve these problems forever? We have a permanent solution not only to the above problems but more.

Solid Surface used as Bar Counter Tops, Restaurant Table Tops and Kitchen Counter Tops has successfully replaced granite, marble, ceramic tiles, plywood and even glass from your kitchen, office and home. It is also the material of choice in commercial establishments, hotels, and even hospitals, used as staircase claddings and wall claddings because of its following qualities

  • Its moldability from sheets to three dimensional figures has led to a rise in its demand as also
  • Its non-porous nature making it
  • Hygienic along with its
  • Seamless fitting which does not leave any gap for bacterial growth and adds to its longevity
  • It is not only stain and heat resistant but also
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Hence, Solid Surface material proves to be the most versatile option for creating the most innovative and unique items like pillars, tabletops, sinks, showers to doors and window jambs, in a wide range of design and colors at one stop. Not to forget the one time, cost-effective arrangement and timeless beauty.

Why Solyx Solid Surface

Solyx is customer-centric! Solyx recognizes and realizes its clients' desires and demands. This inclination has earned Solyx the confidence of some of the best architects and interior designers in the country. We have gone on to partner them for co-creating some of the best designed venues in the country.

Manufacturer and Supplier

Unline most other firms that merely import solid surfaces, Solyx is amongst the few companies that are is a manufacturer as well as supplier. We are also the first to introduce solid surface products (under the Solyx brand) into the country.

Wide Range of Applications

Our products are available in a wide range of designs, shapes and colors. We are always open to suggestions for development and modification.

Continuous Innovation

We not only laud the creativity in our clients but are also ready to be a part of their ingenuity. Our in-house research team experiments and fabricates to develop our clients' concepts and requirements in terms of colors, designs or shapes.

Services Provided

We have our own team of experts that fabricate, polish and provide a dab hand finishing touch. We also offer free maintenance and technical assistance for a period of two years.

Requires Minimum Maintenance

We believe in divulging true information to our customers. Every product needs maintenance and so does Solyx Solid Surface. However, it is the method in which Solyx is manufactured that it requires minimum maintenance and service.

Our clients list proves it all

With more than 1000 clients across the country, including some of the best of designers abd applications such as, corporate offices, restaurants, lounge bars etc. We cover it all when it comes to solid surfaces.

Making of Solyx Solid Surface

To provide our customers with the best quality product, that will give a long-lasting service, we employ state-of-the-art technologies.

  • Thermoset based Solyx is produced from high performance polyester with a combination of fillers, pigments and other additives.
  • This combined mix is then poured or "cast" into molds which form the matrix on either flat panels or customized shapes.
  • Solyx Solid Surface products can be precisely cut and bonded to fit nearly any surface shape.
  • Solyx can also be routed for decorative edging which can be applied with specially formulated adhesives.
  • Since the Solyx color is consistent throughout the product, scratches, chips and stains can be sanded out 'refreshed' when they occur.
  • Designers appreciate the flexibility of Solyx Solid Surface products because the material can be machined like wood, using special equipment and fabrication procedures.